Skull Mage: Very Useful Hero for those who'd rather invest in Wizards for High DPS instead of SharpShooters. Great in Combination with Pan Goli. He would have ranked above Pyro Pete but due to Aiding Options Pyro Pete was better.

Arctric Lord Best heroes

Chiron : Although he can not Evolve he does have the 2nd best Aid Skill. His Skill is also very useful especially in Arena.

Arctic Lord: Best Fortitude Skill. High HP. Amazing Aid Skill!

Pan Goli One of clash of lords best heroes

Clash of lords 2 best heroes list :

Sapphirix sixth best heroes

If you’re Obsessed with Clash of lords 2 Game , you’re reading this artical now  . It’s obviouse that successe in this game depends on how good you are, but chosing the right heros for your arena and coliseum battles could really make a difference . So I have done some digging and I have made this Clash of lords 2 best heroes list which could help you to be one of this game lords :

Renee Ven Clash of lords 2 best heroes

Pyro Pete: His Skill is useful for anyone looking to rack up large numbers of damage in Arena or Battle Royale. In Combination with Chiron you can achieve the highest level of Damage using SharpShooters. So although he isn't Epic he is one of the best.Tapez votre paragraphe ici.

Pan Goli : Best Aid and Divine Skill, and best defensive/offensive hero

Dark Rider third clash of lords 2 best heroes

Sapphirix : Divine Skill is great for raiding. Flying Negates Walls, Mortars, and Ground Heroes. Tank level HP.

Renee Ven : Divine and Revival Skill are very Useful and gives a HUGE edge. Beside Her Aid Skills is great too for SharpShooters.

Pounder : Best Tank. Divine BloodCap is very OverPowered.

Abyss Demon: He has a great amount of HP. At a high level his Healing is amazing allowing him to regain massive amounts of HP and last much longer in battle.Tapez votre paragraphe ici.

Abyss Demon Clash of lords 2 best heroes
Pounder Second best clash of lords 2 heroes

Clash of lords 2 best heroes

Chiron Clash of lords 2

Finaly, If you want  to get more Informations and guides you could check this clash of lords 2 wiki or this one clash of lords 2 wiki . And if you skip all this pain and just get some cheats to help check this aritcal ; clash of lords 2 cheats.

Pyro Pete Best heroes

Dark Rider: Fortitiude Skill Dramatically enhances the TH allowing your base to become MUCH harder to 3 star. Nice HP and his Damage Reduction is Awesome. Most OP hero in Guild Clash.